Developing Inclusive Leaders and Organizations

Dr. Bennett designs and delivers courses and workshops to develop inclusive, embodied leadership for executive education programs, for -profit organizations, and higher education. Integrating leadership best practices, the neuroscience of change, holistic learning, and somatic theory and practice, Carmela’s programs take up where most leadership courses that primarily teach concepts and ideas about leadership leave off—bridging the gap between leadership theory and real-time practice by offering experiences, tools, and practices that enable leaders to take the actions they need to become the leader they wish to be. 

Carmela also works with teachers and educational administrators seeking ways to bring more holistic learning theory and practice into faculty and curriculum development. She particularly loves working with the unique challenges, needs, and goals of women leaders.  

In each individualized program, professionals gain valuable feedback about their individual leadership styles, strengths and challenges, and then learn ways integrate tools and practices into their particular leadership or workplace context in order to produce transformative and sustainable shifts in perception and action. Presentations and programs can be designed from 1½-hour, half-day, full-day, or 2-day workshops to semester-long courses and modules that allow for more comprehensive understanding and transformational development.

Meet Carmela Bennett, EdD, LMHC, SEP