Executive Coaching and Consulting

Connecting Purpose, Passion, and Performance

Carmela coaches and consults internationally with executives, profit, and non-profit organizations seeking to build their strategic leadership capacity in order to create innovative, mindful solutions to global, complex workplace initiatives. 

​Working with executives and mid-level managers, she is an expert in creating individualized plans to expand strategic leadership capacities, develop emotional, social, and cultural intelligence, and build communication skills that enable leaders to stay responsive in today’s workplace, especially under stress and conflict.

Her speciality is integrating leadership best practices with embodied practices that enable leaders to shift perspective and move from new insights to new skills and take actions that allow them to “walk their talk,” and make the changes necessary to attain their professional goals. 

Clients include DL Piper International Law Firm, The Natural Resources Defense Council, BerlinRosen Public Relations, Bloomberg Philanthropies, NYU Stern School of Business, 617Media Group, Stanford University Business School, Columbia University Executive Education, The University of St. Thomas, and the Bachrach Leadership Group.

Meet Carmela Bennett, EdD, LMHC, SEP