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How I help

Mind-Body Psychotherapy

Think less.... feel more....come alive

How I Help

How Psychotherapy Can Help

Grow Yourself - at any time of  life 

Achieve greater self understanding, increase self empowerment, cultivate satisfying relationships, improve self esteem and boost self confidence.

Improve mental and emotional well-being

Manage anxiety and depression, heal from trauma, address addiction, learn ways to cope with stress, process persistent stressors, better manage daily hassles, or work through major life transitions.

Be heard and understood

Express yourself honestly in a judgment free, safe, space, expand curiosity, discover untapped strengths, explore creativity, develop compassion, find your deeper humanity.

The Psychology of Love & Money Podcast

I love helping couples create satisfying relationships! Money is one of the top issues couples argue about, and a leading cause of divorce. But money isn’t just about money, it’s about what money means to them. As couples understand the values their partner connects to money, they make decisions about financial issues that better align with their goals and strengthen their connection.

About Me

Meet Carmela Bennett, EdD, LMHC, SEP

With over 25 years as a therapist. I am an expert in “people problems” and specialize in integrating research based psychological modalities with a mind-body approach that is more effective than talk therapy alone.

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Executive Coaching

Connect your purpose, passion and performance.

Workshops & Events

Develop a more inclusive leadership and organization.

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